Laravel Framework: Best PHP Framework for intermediaries

Laravel framework

Whenever I start working on my PHP projects, I have so many frameworks in my head, but at the end, I choose Laravel framework for moving ahead and the reason why I choose it because it helps me in developing my website in straightforward and clean code.

As a PHP developer, you might be choosing the PHP framework depending on its reliability, extensions and support and Laravel has it all of them. Designed for the latest version of the PHP Framework, it is regarded as an interactive and easy syntax for developing a web application, which is intended primarily to make the website development easier than ever. For a PHP developer, if there is availability of a framework that can help them in writing better codes in less period, then it is the Laravel framework, which includes all the development elements to offer developers a highly powerful user interface to work.

What makes Laravel leads over other PHP Frameworks?

Relatively easy to get started, Laravel is a framework that will make the PHP developers fall in love as soon as they start working on the same. It is loaded with all necessary capabilities and features, Laravel can fold well with the browsers and search engines to offer comprehensive views.

Laravel framework

New features of Laravel framework

  1. Form Request Feature for Creating Contact Forms

Form Request is a feature for advance level of Laravel 5 that makes a base for processing and validation of form data for creating simple and easy contact forms with functional fields that include Your details and your custom message. Whenever Form requests are issued, this feature automatically dials a call to the validate method for generating the contact form as required along with the required fields.


  1. Artisan Scheduler

A brand new feature of Laravel 5 framework, the Artisan scheduler is designed for simplifying the tasks that need to be scheduled for a specific time. For using this feature, set up one cron the job that calls the code, “php artisan program: run” to run it every minute.

You can also schedule the tasks once your cron is set at the place you want. It saves one from the problem of remembering about the cron scheduling and is very efficient to use.

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  1. Route Filters

If you want to continue with the Route Façade in Laravel framework, then use the updated Filters feature that you can use to copy and filter the bindings from app/filters.php and keep them in the boot() origin method of app\Providers\RouteSserviceProvider.php.

Moreover, you also have the liberty to add use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Route in the  app\Providers\RouteServiceProvider.php. Apart from this, there is no need of moving over the Laravel 4.0 default filters like csrf and auth; they are present there as middleware and hence, you can easily edit the controllers or routes and can also update them for reference to the new middleware.


  1. New Eloquent Model

The new Laravel 5.0 is granted with the Eloquent Model feature using which one can create a new app/models directory for storing your Eloquent Models and then you can integrate this list with the class map directive of your composer.json file.

Moreover, no need of offering the remember method for caching questions, but you can manually cache your queries using the Cach:: remember function.


Security of Laravel- Key Point of Concern

Here are few points of security that show the level of protection offered by Laravel framework:

Laravel uses hashed passwords, which means that the user’s password is not saved in the database in plain text, but it uses Bcrypt algorithm for creating an encrypted file of a password.

Laravel offers an efficient way for escaping the user input for avoiding injection of <script> tags.

The community is quite responsive when it comes to reporting bugs related to the security of the framework.

Laravel uses the created SQL statements for making the injection attacks impracticable.

In the end, when you have read about the number of benefits, comparison, and security of this latest PHP framework, you must be thinking to give a try to this new framework. If so, you can contact to one our team member of PHP developer, who hold significance skills and experience in providing help to you to come out with a great PHP website built on Laravel framework.



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